iPhone Development


As our lives become more and more intricately tied to Internet technology - we use it to work, communicate, for entertainment, etc – the devices which we use to access the Internet are constantly evolving. One of the specialties we’re most proud of here at Positive Hype is our ability to produce entirely cross-platform websites.

While working together at a previous agency we created a website for a national hotel chain which worked on mobile phones, PDAs, portable gaming devices, and of course personal computers. The best part of this website was that the online booking system worked seamlessly through all of these devices. This meant that a businessman on his way home to his house in the country could access the website with his mobile phone and book a room at one of the many hotels available for him and his wife. Overall, all our hard work on this website and this system resulted in an increase in bookings of 400% for the chain’s 20 hotels.

For the client, not only did they have access to customers in ways which they never had before, but also that this was all controlled through a single version of the website. They didn’t have to maintain two or three separate versions for personal computers, mobile phones, and PDAs – our code automatically accessed the correct version of the website depending on which device was being used.

We’re constantly looking to the future, and the iPhone truly is paving the way for mobile Internet browsing, and while we’re certainly not going to neglect all of the other devices we already currently support, we are going to expand, explore and exploit the Internet technology on the iPhone to the fullest extent, providing stunning new mobile Internet experiences to our clients and their customers.

Apple have made a substantial leap forward in the ways in which the Internet is displayed on mobile devices with its sophisticated transition of Apple’s Safari web browser from its desktop incarnation to mobile device on the iPhone.

The iPhone also presents the ability not only to browse the Internet exactly as it is seen on a desktop computer, but to allow website developers such as ourselves to link the various Internet technologies from your website to the rest of the applications on the iPhone, such as its phone capabilities, email, Google Maps, etc.

So if you’re looking to get the most out of your website and to ensure that your customers have access to it no matter what technology or medium they’re using, get in touch!