About us

Positive Hype is a small team of web design specialists who can help you establish or revive your online presence. We specialise in creative, technical, strategic and business solutions online.

We combine design with technology to create stunning online experiences for your users from the moment they come into contact with your brand; whether you’re looking for an entirely new website built from the ground up, or you’re looking to create an online campaign to strengthen your brand online.


We are experts in Usability, Accessibility and Search Engine Optimisation, which allows us to not only reach, but expand your audience online by providing content that is user-friendly and accessible through our work.

We are also experts in multi-platform web solutions, ensuring the convergence of your website across all technologies, from personal computers to mobile phones, portable gaming devices and personal data assistants.

The members of the Positive Hype team have extensive experience helping to raise the profiles of some of the world’s largest brands online. From viral campaigns and games, to promotional emails and banners, to micro-sites, desktop widgets and Facebook applications, we have experience creating them all.

At the core of our company, Positive Hype is about relentless creative drive, brilliant technical skills, tempered with solid experience and a huge passion for the Internet, combined with a well-researched knowledge of our clients' companies, their brand and their customers.

As a company, and as individuals, we each live, breath, eat and sleep our work while maintaining a healthy mix of work and play – we love our jobs and find our work rewarding.


Surround yourself with success

The best way of achieving great results is to surround yourself with the best people you can find, and that is what we have done with our team.

Every member of Positive Hype provides the highest level specialist knowledge in their field, ensuring the smoothest process for our projects and the greatest results for our clients. Each of us has extensive experience working in fast-paced environments in some of the world’s top agencies on the world’s top brands. Our skills are each unique and complimentary, and with years of experience working closely together, we have the perfect team to tackle any and every project we undertake, to the highest possible standards.